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Reading is an essential tool to have in life. By reading this sentence right now, you are practicing a skill that is one of the most fundamental, and vital abilities necessary to be successful. Reading is so common that we often do not realize how much we use it.

From the instruction manual on a video game system to the lyrics of our favorite song, we put our reading abilities into use. Reading is also necessary to get a job; even if you don’t have to read while performing the actual work, you still have to read the job application when you are applying.

– 2 –

– 3 –

Reading is more crucial in today’s world than it ever was before. The ability to read is vital to be an informed citizen of this country, to succeed in your chosen career, and to attain individual fulfillment. Reading can also develop a person’s creativity.

It can even turn the most pugnacious person into a quiet scholar; and reserved individuals can become excited and energized. Unlike movies where everything is already predetermined by the producer, writer, and director, books allow you to create an idea in your mind of how a particular character appears. Reading allows for more imagination to how a scene ends. Of course authors supply descriptions of characters and events, but it is up to you to translate those words into visual images.

Many young people feel antagonistic and timorous towards books, choosing instead to listen to music or watch movies.

– 4 –

Some mild mannered people become choleric and irascible when faced with reading a book. But little do they know that the very music they hear, and the movies they watch are based on reading. Not all reading is done by reticent people.

If musicians couldn’t read they would not be able to put song lyrics together, and if actors couldn’t read they would not be able to memorize their lines or any other scripts. There would not even be a script if the screenwriter couldn’t read. And having no movies or music would be a good reason to change any bellicose attitudes of reading.

– 5–

Reading may not be the easiest activity to conquer, but it is definitely one of the most rewarding activities once you learn to love it. Movies only last a couple hours, they do all the thinking for you, and they don’t exercise your brain. With books however, you have the benefit of taking your time and reading at your own pace. There are different types of books for all people; whether you are belligerent or demure, there are books for you! Sometimes books are so controversial that they are banned.

Famous books that were considered too contentious include I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings by Maya Angelou, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain, and even Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling. Some of today’s most appreciated and revered books were almost effaced because they provoked the disputatious.

– 6 –

However, despite the vehement arguments against their publication, they were determined to be acceptable. The subject of the censorship of books has been known to cause the most volatile of disputes. The line of allowance that separates the profane and artistic is rather thin.

– 7 –

Since reading novels usually takes days instead of just a couple of hours, it is often a more memorable experience. Today’s fast-paced world presents few opportunities to relax and feel tranquil.

We are constantly bombarded with all kind of things every day, but we can escape all of that by entering a different world with books. Don’t be diffident or pusillanimous! Reading should not make us craven towards books; we should step up and accept the challenge! Not only will it be a rewarding and enjoyable experience, but it will provide you with permanent and invaluable benefits for the future.

– 8 –

– 9 –


Match each word in the left column with a description in the right column that best matches its meaning

1. ___ Craven

2. ___ Quiet

3. ___ Demure

4. ___ Reserved

5. ___ Diffident

6. ___ Reticent

7. ___ Efface

8. ___ Timorous

9. ___ Pusillanimous

10. ___ Tranquil

A. Modest, reserved, shy

B. Timid, cowardly

C. Wipe out, obliterate, erase

D. Hesitant, insecure, timid

E. Peaceful, serene, quiet

F. Calm, silence

G. Restrained, quiet, silent

H. Silent, quiet in personality

I. Cowardly, weak, fearful

J. Nervous, fearful

– 10 –

11. ___ Belligerent

12. ___ Choleric

13. ___ Vehement

14. ___ Contentious

15. ___ Volatile

16. ___ Antagonistic

17. ___ Disputatious

18. ___ Bellicose

19. ___ Irascible

20. ___ Pugnacious

A. Aggressive, hostile

B. Irritable, grumpy

C. Intense, heated

D. Confrontational, prone to argue

E. Argumentative, truculent

F. Easily angered

G. Unstable, unpredictable

H. Combative, quarrelsome

I. Aggressive, argumentative

J. Controversial, touchy

– 11 –

Multiple Choice

1. Reading is

A. An essential tool in life

B. A nonessential tool in life

C. A moderately important tool in life

D. None of the above

2. Compared to the past, today reading is

A. More difficult

B. More crucial

C. Less crucial

D. None of the above

– 12 –

3. Reading is also tied to

A. Music

B. Movies

C. Video games

D. All of the above

4. The author of I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings is

A. Mark Twain

B. Ernest Hemingway

C. Maya Angelou

D. J.K. Rowling

– 13 –

5. Which book was initially banned from publishing?

A. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

B. Harry Potter

C. I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings

D. All of the above

– 14 –

True or False

Choose whether each statement is true or false and write your answer in the space provided.

1. ___ It is common for many young people to dislike reading.

2. ___ Reading is one of the easiest activities to get the hang of.

3. ___ Reading allows for creativity and imagination of characters.

4. ___ Reading is only for certain types of people, like adults.

5. ___ Reading is necessary to be successful in life.

6. ___ Reading is a less beneficial activity than watching TV.

– 15 –

Short Answer

1. How is reading related to music?


2. How is reading related to movies?


– 16 –

3. Why were certain books initially banned?


4. How do feel about reading books? Do you think you read enough?


– 17 –

Reading Questions

1. What is the writer’s main idea?


2. What example supports the writer’s main idea?


– 18 –

3. How does the example help the writer’s argument?


4. What do you think about the story?


– 19 –

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